Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Seminar Presentations

I think our seminar presentation night went off very smoothly. Both speakers did a great job of covering the topics. My personal favorite was the panel at the end. Both speakers made interesting points... but also involved the moderators into the discussion. Which I thought was fun and different than what had been done so far.

I asked Anne a question and she asked it back to me. At first I was a little take aback, but since I like talking... and like talking about myself, I had no problem giving my opinion. I was just hoping all the classmates behind me didn't think I was a big dork.

Our topic is pretty big and covers a huge chunk out of art, technology, how we work as humans, where we're going in the future, etc. It was easy to get into philosophical discussions... i kind of wish it could have been more of the discussion it was almost turning into. Where we just ask the big questions. the whys and wheres and so on.

My head was full of lots of really really interesting information from the speakers, i wanted to wait a few days to process everything before i wrote about it.. but now i'm worried I waited too long. i guess i'll probably rewatch the footage from the night to refresh myself on everything, so that when we're putting together the website i can retell more accurately everything that went into the evening.

anyway... i started working on my own individual page. Basically I'm exploring one side of the discussion we had--about the 4th wall. i'll talk about my painting and interaction with the viewers as well as what Anne had to say on that and I'll bring in other examples. as i'm writing it, its starting to become about What is real? What is an illusion? that sort of thing... everything we make is a recreation.. but some things feel more real than others even though none of it is real. Anyway, that's the sort of thing I'm exploring...

I'll be posting examples of my work and hopefully images from some of the sources i'm references.

that's it for now.

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