Tuesday, November 6, 2007

More questions...

I have some more...

1. Will we ever reach a point where we move beyond the window, where we are immersed in the art--surrounded by it without a frame?
2. Since technology and ideas are evolving faster than we are evolving physically, what happens when the technology and ideas evolve beyond what we can comprehend? Is there a breaking point? What happens then?
3. A painting is static, but the viewer watching it is mobile. On screen, the images move, change--while we are static. How do each of those affect us as viewers--do we bring more in one form and take more in another?
4. What drives us to create? What is it about us as Humans that fuels this need?
5. Some works of art--paintings or films, break the fourth wall. I did this myself in my paintings in undergrad, i had the figure staring right back at the viewer, threatening them pushing them away... How does breaking the fourth wall change our interaction with the piece? If we are immersed into a work, engaged with it, does the window disappear?
6. It seems like even though technology changes and evolves and we are able to imagine and recreate things in a bigger broader way, we still tell the same sort of stories--we are still trying to understand who we are, where we came from, where we're going. What are your thoughts on this?
7. In the middle ages, religion fueled art and science, the body and real life was ignored when creating art. Now it seems the opposite is true, Science and technology influence what we do and less attention is given to religion and spirituality. Where did the switch happen? Can we ever have both? science and spirituality merging? They are interconnected, yet always seen as separate. Do you see this changing?

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