Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Update on the website and other things...

Nahomi and I met with Kathy today and showed her what we have for the website. Kathy gave us some helpful feedback and went over the schedule for the 12th. Each group has 10 minutes to present their projects, which is 2 min. per person to talk about what they did. I'm going to have to get everyone together to go over this as well as to practice as a group. 10 minutes isn't a lot of time, so everyone needs to get to the core of what they want to say and have it plotted out so not too much rambling and Uh-uh-ing goes on.

As far as the website, we have some technical issues we need to work out... namely the sound for Bethany's page. Also the actual layout for our main page is a bit not pretty enough for me... so Nahomi and I will go in once Colin has everything linked and working, to make it more pleasing to the eye...

I'd also like to take sections from the seminar presentation and somehow include them on our website... but first I gotta figure out how to get the footage... then I'd have to figure out how to put it on the website... so it might not happen. We'll see how the rest of the weeks goes.Other than that, things are going well... hopefully we will be able to work out all technical problems in the next couple days and then it'll just be tweaking. Or at least, that's the plan.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Seminar Page...

For my seminar page, I'm discussing the 4th wall and how it affects the relationship between the Window and the Viewer. I reference a scene in Mulholland Drive, but since I can't embed the movie clip directly onto my page (because its from youtube) i'm going to post it here and have a link to it on my page.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Seminar Presentations

I think our seminar presentation night went off very smoothly. Both speakers did a great job of covering the topics. My personal favorite was the panel at the end. Both speakers made interesting points... but also involved the moderators into the discussion. Which I thought was fun and different than what had been done so far.

I asked Anne a question and she asked it back to me. At first I was a little take aback, but since I like talking... and like talking about myself, I had no problem giving my opinion. I was just hoping all the classmates behind me didn't think I was a big dork.

Our topic is pretty big and covers a huge chunk out of art, technology, how we work as humans, where we're going in the future, etc. It was easy to get into philosophical discussions... i kind of wish it could have been more of the discussion it was almost turning into. Where we just ask the big questions. the whys and wheres and so on.

My head was full of lots of really really interesting information from the speakers, i wanted to wait a few days to process everything before i wrote about it.. but now i'm worried I waited too long. i guess i'll probably rewatch the footage from the night to refresh myself on everything, so that when we're putting together the website i can retell more accurately everything that went into the evening.

anyway... i started working on my own individual page. Basically I'm exploring one side of the discussion we had--about the 4th wall. i'll talk about my painting and interaction with the viewers as well as what Anne had to say on that and I'll bring in other examples. as i'm writing it, its starting to become about What is real? What is an illusion? that sort of thing... everything we make is a recreation.. but some things feel more real than others even though none of it is real. Anyway, that's the sort of thing I'm exploring...

I'll be posting examples of my work and hopefully images from some of the sources i'm references.

that's it for now.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

5 Questions and summary Chapter 3

1. With new styles of image gathering technology like motion and performance capture and artificially intelligent models that are based more on tactile data than on vision, is this creating a greater divide between the visual artist and their design?
2. What role will actors play in the future of film where they are no longer required for a visual design after their image has been sampled?
3. Video games and interactive media seem to provide for an infinite number of opportunities for re-framing and altering perspective. In this new media environment, will there be any room for the artists unique voice to resonate in a single image? Will the ability of the artist to have a point of view diminish? What benefits/opportunities could the desire for infinite perspectival views on the part of the audience provide for the visual artist?
4. When media has moved beyond the need for replication of vision but connects to all of our perceptual devices, will there still be a use for the frame in popular cinema?
5. Are there tools associated with Zbrush that could help make digital sculpting a more tactile experience for artists who are used to working in other mediums?

Nahomi's qustions

1. What is the border of frame and frameless in Art? For example film if framed in screen, but music, dialog and sounds are framed, too? Literature? Musical?

2. Virtual window works only for visions? Could it work with other senses?

3. I think artists has to make frames in any way because of limited space. Is it possible to make frameless artworks?

4. Zblush- what is the difference of required skill or knowledge to be applied between Zblush and other 3D program?

5. Zblush- What is the goal? How it could be better in the future? Applying more actual sculpture feeling?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Chapter 1

This chapter is about Alberti’s frame and concept about perspective view and a window as a frame. She explain the elements such as the frame, point of view, the subject to be painted, and the viewer.

Alberti regards the picture as an "open window". He demonstrates his attraction to the illustrative powers of metaphor to enrich his abstract reduction of the phenomenal world of vision to the mathematics of point, line, and surface.

Alberti also supplies us with a Renaissance root for the concept of a windowed "elsewhere", not a realism of subject matter but a separate spatial and temporal view. The spectator's experience of "gazing" through the window had its own spatial effect - and yet this new perspectival realism of representational space did not imply realism of subject matter, nor, as we will see in a moment, did it imply a temporal realism.

More questions...

I have some more...

1. Will we ever reach a point where we move beyond the window, where we are immersed in the art--surrounded by it without a frame?
2. Since technology and ideas are evolving faster than we are evolving physically, what happens when the technology and ideas evolve beyond what we can comprehend? Is there a breaking point? What happens then?
3. A painting is static, but the viewer watching it is mobile. On screen, the images move, change--while we are static. How do each of those affect us as viewers--do we bring more in one form and take more in another?
4. What drives us to create? What is it about us as Humans that fuels this need?
5. Some works of art--paintings or films, break the fourth wall. I did this myself in my paintings in undergrad, i had the figure staring right back at the viewer, threatening them pushing them away... How does breaking the fourth wall change our interaction with the piece? If we are immersed into a work, engaged with it, does the window disappear?
6. It seems like even though technology changes and evolves and we are able to imagine and recreate things in a bigger broader way, we still tell the same sort of stories--we are still trying to understand who we are, where we came from, where we're going. What are your thoughts on this?
7. In the middle ages, religion fueled art and science, the body and real life was ignored when creating art. Now it seems the opposite is true, Science and technology influence what we do and less attention is given to religion and spirituality. Where did the switch happen? Can we ever have both? science and spirituality merging? They are interconnected, yet always seen as separate. Do you see this changing?