Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dividing the Reading

We met briefly today. I got my copy of the book in the mail. Its in 5 chapters, which is nice since there are 5 of us. This is how we divided the book:

Chapter 1: Wen
Chapter 2: Collin
Chapter 3: Bethany
Chapter 4: Joanna
Chapter 5: Nahomi

Once we've read our respected chapters, we'll summarize what they're about on a Blog entry. This week my group will be ordering their own copies and will do internet searches on our topic and speaker.

Collin also gave me a copy of his demo reel which is a flash website. Once I figure out how to publish the website, I'll post a link so the rest of the group can check it out and then we can start figuring out what we want to do for our website for this project.

and that's about it.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Book

Well... i tried to post the link to get the book on amazon, but the blog keeps cutting off the end of the web address... so...

go to

type in: Anne Friedberg

and it should be the first book listed called, "The Virtual Window"

this address has spaces in it so it would all fit on the page, but it won't work as a link...

1st Meeting

Our group finally met today after seminar.

I think everyone is planning on getting the book. Once I have a chance to look over the book, we'll decide how to divide it.

Collin and Wen have a little bit of website experience. Collin is going to be getting the website "started", Wen will assist with any needed programming and Nahomi and I will help with "the Look." Collin said his demo is in the form of a website and will be giving me a copy of it to show the rest of the group--this may be our starting off point for what our website will be.

For now, we'll be spending a little bit of time web-searching our subject and speaker to start gathering info for Nov. 7th. And we'll be starting to plot out the template for the website.

As my group researches and finds interesting information, they will be posting it on this blog--or at least post a link to it, so the rest of the group can see.

Next week, we're going to meet before seminar--at 6pm to touch base about our project.