Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fine Art, cinema, and the Virtual Window

Sooo.... I started a blog.

So far I've contacted all my group members and we're trying to coordinate our schedules, which is proving to be a bit dicey. But we'll see. We may just need to communicate via Blog for now... and meet in person next week. Or soon. Or ever. Hopefully soon.

Right then... so Group. Hi. Here's what we need to do basically before Nov. 7th

1. Blog everything we do in regards to this project and our topic
2. Research our guest speakers and topic for Nov. 7 (who is so far: Dr. Anne Friedberg--she wrote a book that we'll probably need to read.)
3. Start brainstorming and planning what our website will be on our topic and guest--the website doesn't need to be completed until Dec. 9.
4. Moderate the panel discussion on Nov. 7 (we need smart innovative questions to ask our guest(s)).

Okay... so now what? Well, here's what to expect week to week:

1. 1 to 2 hours of your time to meet, plan, research, and work on our project
2. Whatever we do, it has to be awesome--because, goddammit, we need to win the sweet Adobe prize.

and that's it....

...jojo out