Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Z-Brush on youtube

Here's a video off of youtube of a cow head being sculpted using Z-Brush. There are more video links on Ryan's website too that you should check out:

Ryan Kingslien

Here's Ryan's website. He's a digital artist who sculpts using Z-Brush. He believes "that sculpting is entering an entirely new era with the advent of digital sculpting, rapid prototyping and 3D printers. This era will be filled with new and expressive artists who have been freed from the rigours of clay and the physical world to imagine first, design second and, lastly, create."

Also here's an image of one of his digital sculptures.

Monday, October 22, 2007

The website

This week Collin and Wen are making a really rough mock up for the website, simple programming and what not to get it started.

Nahomi and I will start creating artwork for the background of the front page.

Bethany will start collecting sounds to use.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Design and Layout Meeting with Nahomi

Nahomi and I met and talked about the design and look of our website. We came up with a rough layout. Nahomi (as usual) had a lot of really great ideas. We'll have to pass along the template design to Collin and Wen to work out.

Bethany will most likely be working on the sound for the website. So after Collin and Wen get a template made, Bethany can check it out and start making notes for different sounds.

Basically the first page will be a big window. In the window is a landscape, green and a cloudy sky. Hovering in the sky are "Paintings" which will be links to each of our individual pages. When you click on the panel, it expands and becomes the new window. There each person can put anything they want related to our topic--They can talk about their own work and process and how it fits under the context of our topic and also bring in examples and references--hopefully people will include animation and videos, short animation and artwork.

It should be awesome.


Here I am, bloggerating for the first time. Huzzah!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Group Meeting

We met today before seminar. I went over everything I talked to Kathy about... er that Kathy talked to me about.

I said each of us should find an area within our topic that we found interesting and build our individual pages off of that--We can talk about the subject and how it personally relates to us as well as putting it in a historical context or picking something more academic to discuss.

Also Collin and Wen will head up the Technical side of the website and Nahomi and I will work on the design and look. I still need to meet with Bethany to fill her in on the meeting since she didn't make it today.

In addition, everyone will be reading their chapters of the book.

Nahomi and I will meet this week and draw up a rough template. Then we'll give that to Collin and Wen to build a rough page. The more design stuff Nahomi and I get, we'll pass it on to Collin and Wen. Bethany can join in on whichever side she prefers--or we can come up with another area for her to explore.

That's about it for now.

Meeting with Kathy

I met with Kathy for an individual meeting. I wanted my group to meet, but half of them couldn't make it. I'm going to try to get them in to meet with her next Tuesday though.

Anyway, I was struggling with trying to understand our topic because I mean, it's huge--and can be anything. Talking with Kathy was helpful--she gave me specific things to think about and also some ideas for the website.

Interface Ideas
1. Comic book panels--with some animation within the panels
2. Comic book panels--take you to different pages
3. Each person can have an area under our topic that they can explore on their own page
4. Since Wen and Collin have Website experience they're big part of the project will be making the website
5. Nahomi and I are more of a Fine Art background and can work on the Look and Content of the website
6. Bethany is our wild card, she could work on content or sound

Other stuff: Kathy gave me some videos to watch related to our topic The Mind's Big Bang and Leonardo's Annuciation. We talked about how People have been using Art to understand and explain our existence and this need to express ourselves goes all the way back to the early days of man and cave paintings. They can be looked at as some of the earliest narrative work--they are almost a comic book how they are drawn and show sequential action. Then we discussed the Renaissance and how many frescos and paintings tell a sequential narrative... and how animation
is a natural progression for us to tell narratives.

She told me to think about the following questions:

1. Why do we need to create?
2. Why do we create these alternate worlds?
3. What drives you?

Our topic is big, but if we can focus it in a couple areas that we're interested in, it should be less intimidating for all of us.

We're going to meet today before Seminar. I'll go over everything I talked about with Kathy and see what they think and if they have any ideas. In the meantime, Nahomi and I can start working on the layout for the Website so that Collin and Wen can start building it.

Right... so that's about it for now.